sanitiser concentration

Chemical Assistance – Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and Disinfection When carrying out cleaning and disinfection tasks it is important that you use the correct materials and chemicals for each task so that cleaning is effective and to minimise the chances of cross-contamination occurring. Detergents Chemicals (for example washing-up liquid) used to […]

cleaning hygiene

Food Hygiene and Cleaning Routines

Food Hygiene and Cleaning Routines Scheduled Cleaning Tasks Here are a few words on food hygiene and cleaning. There are a number of cleaning tasks that can be programmed into the working week. Many will need to be undertaken at different frequencies; some will need […]

commercial dishwasher

Equipment Cleaning, Disinfection and Dishwashers

Equipment Cleaning, Disinfection and Dishwashers All food businesses must be kept clean and, where necessary, be disinfected. Staff working in the establishment need to be trained appropriately and provided with a suitable, and plentiful, supply of cleaning materials and chemicals. This article focuses on cleaning, […]

rare burger

Rare Burgers and the E.coli Roulette

Rare Burgers and E.coli There has been some misreporting and inaccurate information given by some when referring to the subject of rare burgers and E.coli (often referred to more accurately as ‘burgers less than thoroughly cooked’). Food safety inspectors have drawn criticism for having concerns […]

bacteria listeria monocytogenes

Listeria and Food Poisoning

Listeria and Food Poisoning One of the most important issues to consider as a food manager concerns listeria and food poisoning. It has a reputation as being a tricky bug to control and, for that reason, Listeria species are used as an important benchmark for […]

diarrhoea, vomiting and food

Diarrhoea, Vomiting and Food – When to Stop Working

Diarrhoea, Vomiting and Food – Are you Fit to Work? Organisms such as bacteria and viruses can cause gastroenteritis; the symptoms of which include diarrhoea and vomiting. As the organisms multiply or are contained in the gut they can very easily be transferred to hands […]

e.coli bacteria

E.coli O157 and Food Safety- What’s the Bug Deal?

E.coli O157 and Food Safety You may have heard of the bug E.coli O157 but do you know why it is such a significant organism in relation to food safety? It has been implicated in a number of high profile food poisoning outbreaks involving the […]

hand washing - dirty hands

Hand washing and Food Hygiene

Hand washing and Food Hygiene Infectious Food Handlers Poor personal hygiene (especially hand washing) is implicated as one of the most likely factors involving foodborne illnesses; above poor temperature controls and inadequate cooking controls. The problem is particularly significant when the person handling food is […]

mould spores

Mould on Food

Mould on Food You might appreciate the significance that bacteria or viruses have in relation to food poisoning but how much do you know about mould on food and how to avoid it? The Significance of Moulds Moulds can play a useful role in the […]

Flies contaminating food

Flies and Food Safety

Flies and Food Safety – The Issues The association between flies and food safety is basic stuff for all food managers. As you are no-doubt aware, houseflies and blowflies pose a particular problem for all caterers. Due to their nature, breeding patterns and habits they […]